“Firmly Rooted” exhibition in Lexington, Kentucky USA

Original art by Kenneth E. Hayden, Louisville, KY USAOasis, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 50" x 40"
Oasis, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 50″ x 40″, ©2016 Kenneth Hayden, Louisville, KY USA


A piece from a new series of paintings commenting on gun violence and the lives lost will be  included in the juried exhibition, “Firmly Rooted” at the M.S. Rezny Studio/Gallery, Lexington, KY USA. “Oasis“, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 50″ x 40” utilizes a combination of realism and abstract elements to express the anger, confusion, and hopelessness that can accompany acts of uncontrolled hatred or retaliation. Following my motif of the past few years, I continue to include the lotus in these works; here serving as a means of reflection and as a totem for peace, understanding and alternatives to violence.

Of the more than 285 artworks submitted from across the nation  Juror, Stuart Horodner, Director of The Art Museum at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, chose 30 artworks to be a part of the show. In making his selections Mr. Horodner said that he looked for “… some diversity of approach and simply responded to things that had a solid skillful or conceptual approach, favoring things that went a bit further than simplest of ideas.”  Mr. Horodner was previously artistic director of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. And he has held positions as visual arts curator at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, Ore.; was director of the Bucknell University Art Gallery, Lewisburg, Pa., and was co-owner of the Horodner Romley Gallery, New York.

Exhibition dates: July 12th – August 20th, 2016
Artists reception and awards:  July 15th ,2016, 5-8pm.

M.S. Rezny Gallery
903 Manchester St, Suite 170
Lexington, KY  40508
859 252 4647





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