Portal, from Block Series, 2012, Kenneth E. Hayden (photography)

Portal, 2012 is from an ongoing series of images I see when simply walking the city block where I live. Sounds easy enough. However, I force myself to only create images of shape, shadow and texture that to me have an undefinable sense of urgency. They have to be created there and then. Otherwise, how would anyone else know that those moments ever existed?

Portal, 2012, dye sublimation on uncoated aluminum, 16″ x 24″ in an edition of 10.

Photography, as we all know, deals with time. Capturing, examining, remembering, escaping, forgetting. I single out juxtapositions of shapes, light, color and texture that seem, in the blink of an eye, innately important to me. Often I feel that I am the only one to realize these fleeting shadows and reflections should be recognized and exalted.

©Kenneth E. Hayden


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